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. . . the most important classroom of their lives

None of the education received by a teenager will be more important than learning to drive. The knowledge and skills learned in a driver education class will be used day in and day out for the rest of their lives. It may possibly be the most important classroom of their lives. Poor driver education training can impact a teenager immensely, so second to deciding if it’s time for a teen to drive is deciding which driving school to choose.

All Ages Driving School

All Ages Driving School offers an excellent driver education program for teenagers that surpasses the curriculum requirements of the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation. The up to date information and state of the art training provided throughout the course will provide the essential skills needed for the complex task of driving in today’s congested traffic.


The educational requirement for a driver education course in Texas is 32 hours of classroom theory instruction, 14 hours of in-car training with a licensed instructor, and 30 hours* of behind-the-wheel practice with a qualified adult. (*See information regarding 30 hours behind-the-wheel practice below.)

At All Ages Driving School, our classroom phase consists of 16, two-hour sessions and the in-car phase is 7, two-hour driving lessons. Starting dates and class times vary according to seasonal schedules such as the school calendar year, Christmas break and summer vacation. (Click Class Schedules for dates and times.)

The in-car training phase begins once the student obtains a Texas Learner License. Driving lessons are scheduled by appointment ONLY. Our staff works with each student to find the most convenient driving appointment times to meet their busy schedule.

Students must attend all class days and schedule driving lessons until both phases of training at the school are completed. Completion time for the entire course varies according to the student’s availability for school training and completion of the additional driving practice required with an adult [see * above]. Average completion time is 16 weeks.

Learner License Testing

All Ages Driving School provides Texas DPS knowledge exams to each student in-house. Students completing this process are exempted from having to take these exams at the Driver License Office.

In-Car Training with a Licensed Instructor

The in-car training is divided into 7 hours of actual behind-the-wheel instruction and 7 hours of observation. (Observation lessons are where students observe other teenage students being trained.) The driving phase is taught separately from the classroom; during the week and on weekends.

Behind-The-Wheel Practice with a Qualified Adult

In addition to in-car training with a licensed instructor, students must receive an additional 30 hours of supervised behind-the-wheel practice with a licensed adult 21 years of age or older. These hours are required to be certified by a parent or guardian before a teenager may receive a Provision Driver License and operate a vehicle alone. The additional hours must include at least 10 hours that take part at night.

Please click the Texas Education Agency links to view and print the required forms. The Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Log must be used to document the 30 hours. The Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Guide will provide information to help make practice drives with your teen a good experience for both of you.

Adult “coaches” are encouraged and welcome to ride along during their teen’s driving lessons with a licensed instructor to pick up additional tips and information that will assist them with their practice sessions. Please feel free to discuss any problem issues you may encounter with our professional staff. In addition, our staff can assist in completing the additional practice hours required for a nominal fee.