Frequently Asked Questions

1Where can we download our 30 hour driving guide?
2Where can we download 30 hour driving log?
3How old do I have to be to start driver's education? ​

You can start the classroom phase at 14 and return when you are 15 to sign up for the behind the wheel program. If you are 15 years of age, you can start the full program, which includes classroom and behind-the-wheel concurrently. Keep in mind that you must be 15 to get your learner’s permit.​

4How long is the teen driver's education course?

The classroom phase consists of 32 hours of classroom (16 days – 2 hours/day) and 7 hours of behind-the-wheel driving and 7 hours of in-car observation. It is also required that an additional 30 hours of behind-the-wheel driving be done with a parent or guardian, 10 hrs of which must be done at night​.

5What do I have to bring the first day of class?

You must bring a black-ink pen and paper to class every day. Textbooks and the Texas Drivers’ Manual will be provided in class.

6What if I can’t go to every lesson?

Absences are not encouraged, but the state allows 5 days or 10 hours missed. Keep in mind that all absences must be made up. These can be made up by attending the same day of instruction with a later course (at no charge) or complete a make-up packet for the day missed. If you select to do a makeup packet, just show up an hour before your class request a packet and begin working on it. Each makeup packet costs $10 payable at that time. Please note that your balance must be paid in full to be eligible to makeup any lessons. Only Credit/Debit Cards or money orders accepted.

7How long must teens have a permit before getting a license?

Teens must hold on to their permit for at least 6 months and be 16 years of age to be eligible to take the Drive Test. The back of your permit states "Must hold permit until (date). Teens are eligible to take the Drive Test on that date or any day after provided that the Drivers Ed Program classroom and behind the wheel hours have been completed.

8Do teens still have to take a road test at the DPS?

Cazares Driving School is authorized by the Texas Department of Public Safety to administer the "Official Drive Test" for teens to get a license. You must complete a Mandatory 2 hour "Impact Texas Teen Drivers" Program to be eligible to take the Drive Test. We offer the 2 hour course at our Cazares McAllen location or you can take the class online an bring in the certificate of completion at the time of your Drive Test appointment. Cost: $75 for (3) Three drive test opportinities. We accept Credit/Debit Cards or Money Orders only.

9Do I need to be in high school to take driver's education?

Texas law requires that persons under the age of 18 be enrolled in school and attending regularly to get a license. There was an exception: if the person has a high school diploma or a GED, the drivers’ license could be issued.

10As a teen, what will I need to take to DPS to get my permit?

Click here for Verification of Enrollment (VOE) Form
1. Green Certificate (DE964) (this form will be issued to you at Cazares Driving School)
2. Student and one parent, legal guardian, or adult 21 years of age or older living in the same household, willing to sign for the teen. All must show legal residency with a Texas ID, driver’s license, or valid immigration document.
3. Original Birth Certificate
4. Original Social Security Card
5. A 3rd Form of ID such as: Texas ID, Passport, or School ID
6. Verification of Enrollment less than 30 days old (you get this from your high school attendance office or if you are home-schooled Click here for Verification of Enrollment (VOE) Form
7. If you have graduated you may take a copy of your diploma or transcript in lieu of the VOE form.
8. Residency Documents if applicable
9. Two utility bills (light, water, cable) These bill must be between 30-90 days old and both bills must be under the same name.
10. $16 for the permit. (DPS accepts check, money order, credit card)

11As an adult, am I required to take drivers’ education?

Texas now requires for adults 18-24 years old to take a 6 hour Adult Driver Education Course. We welcome adults 25 and older to also take the course. It is informative and your Road Rules and Road Signs tests will be accepted at the DPS. With proof that you have taken the course, you may be eligible for an insurance discount.

12Do I need to study before coming to the course?

No. Our course is comprehensive. We will teach you everything you need to know. You will be taking the Road Rules and Road Signs written tests at our facility. You will not be required to take the written tests at the DPS.

13Do you offer driving lessons for adults?

Yes we do. After taking our 6 Hour Adult Classroom Course, you can get a permit at DPS and return to us for private drives. These private drives begin with an assessment and are tailored to your specific needs.